Heidijo is an engaging dichotomy of sweet feminine sugar with smoky blues rawness. Raised on church spirituals and classical music, she broke from family traditions chasing her muse in search of her musical voice. From California to New York and from Cuba to France, she played with and learned from the masters of her craft, ultimately landing in New Orleans where the city’s unique R&B style was a perfect fit.

In New Orleans, Heidijo played solo shows at BMC, The Bombay Club, Buffa’s, The Circle Bar, Marigny Brasserie and RF’s and performed with acclaimed musicians such as Tom McDermott. First-time listeners were often surprised to hear such a big voice from someone so seemingly soft spoken.

Working with Louisiana producer/musician Zachary Wilson (The Universal Chrome, Zachary James, The Midnight Americans) Heidijo recorded her debut album, "Magazine St." at the Music Shed in New Orleans. Featuring members of Egg Yolk Jubilee, Jeremy Phipps (Saint Bell) and Michael Girardot (The Revivalists) on horns, as well as Keith Hajjar (Egg Yolk Jubilee, New Orleans Bingo Show!, The Universal Chrome) on drums and Zachary Wilson on back up vocals, bass, guitar and keys. Magazine St. straddles blues, jazz and rock, across nine original compositions.

Heidijo has recently begun performing with her new band, consisting of Darryl White (Tab Benoit, Chris Thomas King, Peter Novelli) on drums, Andy Page (Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Bustin' Jieber) on saxophone, with Heidijo on vocals and piano.

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Portfolio Video A little two minute mix of Heidijo Music
Watch Heidijo covers Heidijo Bakbone with Juju Child, Darryl White & Zachary Wilson
Watch Heidijo Live Please Send Me Someone to Love" with Tom McDermott
Listen to Leisurely Leisurely EP
Watch Heidijo covers Heidijo So Easily" with The Asylum Chorus
Listen to Honeytune Leisurely EP
Watch Heidijo covers Heidijo Honeytune with Tom McDermott
Listen to Still Rose Leisurely EP
Watch Heidijo covers Heidijo Any Savior with Ruby and the Rogues

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Heidijo Schedule

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Every Tuesday (except Fat Tuesday, Feb 28) 8-10:30pm Heidijo and band Residency @ BMC

Saturday March 4, 8-10:30pm Heidijo and band at BMC

Tuesday, January 10, 8-10:30pm with Tom McDermott at BMC

Friday, January 19, 7-9pm with Saxophonist Andy Page, House Concert at Parisian Courtyard Inn

Friday, December 9, 7-9pm with Tom McDermott, House Concert at Parisian Courtyard Inn

Thursday, November 10, 5-7:30pm Heidijo and band at BMC

Sunday, October 30, 7pm with Tom McDermott at Silky Satin Lounge

Friday, with Pete Roze on Guitar, September 30, 5:30-7:30pm at New Orleans Museum of Art

Friday, September 6, 5:30-7:30pm at New Orleans Museum of Art

Thursday, August 4, 8-11pm with Tom McDermott at Buffas

Media Articles and Interviews

Media: Nolavie.com
Who: Heidijo
What: Musician
Where: Lower Garden District
Artists chosen location for interview: Avenue Pub, where she was tasting beers until she found one that resembled champagne the most.

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You can purchase my new EP titled Leasurely on:

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Available as solo piano, solo singer and piano, duo, and 3 to 5 piece band.
New Orleans R&B, jazz/blues/rock, original music and select cover songs.

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